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News Updated: 17 September, 2002

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*TV Zone Special Issue #46 features a article/interview. TV Zone Special #46

"For three years now Daniel Goddard has played this mystical jungle saviour. He reveals how his wild side comes to the fore in the jungle."

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*Daniel recently filmed a new movie in Zagreb, Croatia.
Film Title: A Man Called Rage
Synopsis: The year is 3004 A.D., the earth's natural resources have been depleted and society has been thrown back into a primitive and anarchistic existence. One tribe dominates society and fights to rid the world of a gentle, genetically enhanced tribe.
Cast: Rage: Daniel Goddard, Parish: Lance Henriksen, Sterling: Sherilyn Fenn, Yoshi: Isaac Hayes,
Caleb: Matthew Porretta, Jalil: Richard Claxton.

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Daniel and Keith Hamilton Cobb

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