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Daniel Goddard


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6,October,2001 Third-Season Premiere #301 The Legend Reborn
Dar (Daniel Goddard) meets a mysterious man from his past (Marc Singer) who reveals Dar's true identity just as Zad (Steven Grives)renews his quest to eliminate him.

13,October,2001 #302 Crystal Ark
Dar (Daniel Goddard) embarks on a journey to discover his true heritage.

20,October,2001 #303 Chosen One
Dar (Daniel Goddard) sets out on a quest to find his family and defeat The Lord of Darkness, Balicifer, who has a vested interest in Arina (Marjean Holden) and Orpheo's (Chris Kirby) child.

27,October,2001 #304 Veil of Death
Dar (Daniel Goddard) protects a white tiger that embodies the spirit of his long lost sister, Lycia.

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