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Daniel Goddard


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Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays Holly

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Updated 04 December,2001

Serpent's Kiss
Episode #309 Serpent's Kiss Gallery


Episode #308 Destiny's Gallery

Happy Thanksgiving
22 November,2001

Slayer's Return

Episode #307 Slayer's Return Gallery

Tiger Tiger

Episode #306 Tiger Tiger Gallery

*Heartfelt Sympathies*

I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to everyone for the devastating and tragic loss on 11,September,2001.
The victims their families and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

*Scam Warning*

Please be careful of email, mail and phone solicitors asking for assistance on behalf of the families, they are scams. If you receive any such communication do not give them money, and report the incident to your local law enforcement authority.

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*National United Way
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*NEW Smooth Slythius

*NEW Mysterious Dartanus

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The Dynamic Duo
NEW The Dynamic Duo

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Tuesday, 28 August 2001

*Click Here To View Daniel's 2001 Birthday Card!
There have been over 200 messages left for Daniel on the birthday card. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to sign it!

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New Wallpaper

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Marjean Holden

Marjean as Arina Daniel and Marjean

*Be sure to check out the exclusive interview with Marjean Holden.

*Do you want to see more of Marjean as Arina, check out her cool gallery, Arina's Place.

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official site.

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Keith Hamilton Cobb "Akili"

Daniel and Keith Hamilton Cobb

*Click here for pictures of Daniel and Keith from the "Obsession" episode.

*Check out Keith each week on the WB series Andromeda.

*Learn more about Keith by visiting his
official site.

BeastMaster Trivia

*New Trivia question for December:
#1 Where in Australia is Daniel from?
Click here to post your answers and view the results from November.

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